Guide for Latvian Tourism

Those who want to experience Europe’s finest must think of Lithuania tourism ideas too. Luckily for you, if you want to get a sense of the most important European locations and attractions, we have the information for you. For instance, Lithuania has a lot to offer. It is a Baltic country, and it borders Poland, Latvia (yes, they are different countries) and Belarus. It is known for having a very rich history and incredible landmarks and architecture. This is because it was influenced by baroque, the Goths and the Renaissance. One of the most interesting attractions here is the city of Kedainiai. It is a place that you must find a way to visit at least once in your life! It has great locations, food and the people are the best!

History of the City

When it comes to Lithuania tourism – Kedainiai is the place to visit. In fact Kedainiai is one of the oldest cities in Lithuania. It dates back from 1372! Amazing, right. In the 15th century, it was known as a famous regional trading center. Back then, people called it oppidum – which means a town near a manor. For Lithuania tourism officials, Kedainiai is very important as the city has a very rich history as well as cultural and religious significance.

Any guide will tell you that a very large part of Kedainiai’s history is during the 17th century, when the city was inhabited by Scots. It is very interesting that during the same time, the western part of the city was inhabited by German Lutherans whereas the Jewish communities gathered around the Old Market Square. Even an orthodox community established itself in the south part of the city. This is exactly why the city of Kedainiai now has a versatile history with touches of every cultural and religious background. For Lithuania tourism, this means that it attractions to offer for any type of tourists.

Famous Tourist Attractions and Sites to Visit in Kedainius

We strongly believe that Lithuanian tourism will not be what it should be if it wasn’t for Kedainius. It is a city that offers a lot of attractions which together, create a unique identity for the town. First, we have the very well-preserved Old Town here, serving as the largest argument for Lithuania tourism. It is one of the seven Old Towns in this country, and it is of national significance. Even the old road network is intact, together with the public buildings, the sacral and the residential buildings dating from 16th to 19th century.

Asides from the Old Town, Lithuanian tourism offers some very old religious buildings and attractions of cultural significance. Amongst these attractions are the Evangelical Reformed Church and Mausoleum of Dukes Radvilas and the Sacral-historical complex in Paberze. Throughout the history, the latter place was known for being a location of pilgrimage. Its priest was a Capuchin Monk too. The Evangelical Reformed Church however, was built in the 17th century and is amongst the attractions that simply must be seen! When visiting a country for the first time, many tourists have a tradition to try their luck at one of the best local casinos. However, others don’t like to change the casinos they are used to play and always have their online casinos as a backup plan. This is the case with and its customers. Wherever they go, they never miss the chance to spend an hour or two playing their favorite online casino game.

Basketball as a national sport in Lithuania

If you didn’t know so far, Basketball is the national sport in Lithuania and it is one of the local’s attractions. People here have a tendency to watch basketball a lot and cheer on their teams. They are passionate about sport and they even take part in sports betting. In fact, sports betting is a very common thing to do amongst all European countries, including Lithuania. Especially when true fans engage in sports betting for their teams. They regularly win real money as they can actually predict what the team is going to do. This way, they have a lot of fun and are more passion about their teams, as they make them real money. That is why online casinos are really popular here, offering people the freedom to put a bet anytime from anywhere, and on top of that giving them online bonuses that are basically free extra money for betting. They also have another amazing option – live betting that allows people to bet while the match is playing.

Entertainment in Kėdainius

Lithuanian tourism or specifically, Kedainiai features a lot of attractions and places where you can have fun. Asides from the museums, cafes and restaurants, there is a lot of other things to do to. If you want to experience the truest European sprit, the jazz festival “Broma Jazz” is the event for you.

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